Scott Lindenbaum

Scott Lindenbaum met Andy Hunter in an MFA class, and since then, they've been working together to deliver stories through the latest technology. 

Their first endeavor was Electric Literature--a literary anthology that used new media to present work by some of today's most renowned writers, including Rick Moody, who posted an original story over the course of three days (and 153 tweets) to Electric Literature's Twitter account. 

Now, Lindenbaum and Hunter are updating the oral tradition with their new storytelling social media platform, Broadcastr, which allows people to tell their location-based stories, then "pin" them on an online interactive map for others to hear. And you don't need to be at your computer to listen; thanks to a mobile app, you can hear Broadcastr stories on your smart phone. It's like taking an audio, self-guided museum tour...of the entire world.